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  • Living Close to your Dreams

    Jun. 17, 2012
    I am a big believer in living close to what I love which is why I live in Jackson Hole - a mecca for backcountry skiing, mountain biking, hiking and all mountain outdoor activities.  These two articles from dornob.com take this idea to a whole new level! This first one has a climbing wall that leads to a rooftop deck. A more upscale example of a simlar idea:   My favorite - A home built for skateboarding!  If you can't live close to the lifestyle you love, these examples show you can just build it into your home! http://dornob.com/outdoor-deck-inside-room-linked-via-climbing-walls-ladders/ http://dornob.com/incredible-indoor-climbing-wall-towers-atop-a-tokyo-home/ http://dornob.com/skate-park-dream-house-packed-with-skateable-surfaces/

    Apr. 22, 2012
    I was in Seattle last week and had the pleasure of going into a Eric Steiner's shop in the Ballard neighborhood.  Eric Steiner sells beautiful handmade cards, jewelry and even little sculptures.  His work embodies everything I appreciate in design and art - whimsical creativity that is very unique and even quirky. Not only are his creations beautifully designed -- even the way he thoughtfully displays and merchandises his items is artful.  The below necklaces are layed out on multiple layers of glass for a beautiful dimensional effect. And the way Curtis Steiner displays his art is as varied and artful as the creations themselves. Check out these little sculptures!  I love how each has it's newspaper style story. Curtis Steiner inspired me deeply to bring even more excellence and thoughtfulness to everything I do - from design to cooking to playing outside! ...
  • Mt Rainier with the Mountain Hardwear Team

    Oct. 30, 2007
    I recently had the opportunity to go on a guided climb up Mt Rainier with the Mountain Hardwear team. The main purpose of the trip was to test product and hear firsthand feedback from the guides at Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. (RMI) about the gear they use from Mountain Hardwear. Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. is owned and operated by Lou and Peter Whittaker together with Joseph Horiskey. RMI not only guides clients up to the summit of Rainier but they also teach the latest techniques in mountain and ice climbing. Mountain Hardwear supplies RMI with all the outerwear and tents to run their business – this includes outfitting the guides as well as being the sole brand offered for rental outerwear. We arrived Friday afternoon in Seattle and carpooled to Ashford, Washington where RMI has their headquarters. The weather forcast was not looking good with 100% chance of precipitation on Sunday. Saturday morning was mostly cloudy when we headed up the mountain for a day of ...
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